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Have you been dreaming of taking the next steps toward buying a home?


It is our joy here as the Promise Properties Group to walk alongside each one of our clients on their incredible journey of buying a home! Whether you are looking for a gorgeous home with acres of land, or maybe you desire to buy a home downtown to be close to the action, or even a piece of land to build, it is our honor to assist you!

You may be asking, “What’s my first step?" Where should you begin when you have 'trust issues' relating to realtors? We get it. The reality is, that there are so many available agents, yet so few who will view you as more than a number or their next sale. At some point, your success will rise or fall on your realtor's commitment to you and fulfilling their promise.


A promise is a declaration that something good is coming or assured. It provides good grounds for expectations...of a good to be fulfilled. When someone suggests that a person or a thing has 'promise' it is loaded with the idea of 'potential'. A capacity for good. It is from that understanding that Promise Properties was born. It is more than just doing what you say, it is filling what you do with so much intention and integrity that good cannot help but spill from it, no matter what obstacles are encountered.


The leadership of Promise Properties operates with this understanding and ethos of promise. It moves beyond just delivering on a promise to infusing the work with such a force of goodwill that it by default, achieves the best of possible outcomes.


We don't and won't claim perfection, but we promise to give the best of our energies to finding you a property of promise.



Someone once wisely stated, "Wherever you find yourself, there you are." While that sounds laughable at first, knowing where you stand is critical when you start your home hunting. Your location, your style, your budget. You don't have to be afraid of the facts. They will help you get from here to there. And so will we.


Are you looking to buy an existing home? To build? Are you upgrading or downsizing? Wherever you find yourself, we can help you save money, time, hassle, and stress in your home buying journey, by providing you a pathway with promise.

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 This exquisite home was sold at $44,000 over asking price, only 4 days after listing.

Let us help you sell yours and make good on the promise of a better future.


“Christy and Joanna are a rockstar team! They did an incredible job selling our home and we couldn’t be happier with the outcome. They were so helpful and informative throughout the process, which we greatly appreciated because it was our first time. We will absolutely be working with them in the future and are so happy to have chosen them as our realtors.”

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